Our Beer

From the mighty fine spring waters of Eigg comes:

INDEPENDENCE! I.P.A. (6.2%) The brewers’ choice. Euphorically brewed with five different types of malt and three different American hops added in four hop additions, this is a gourmet craft beer palate bomb. If you love I.P.A., beer or Scotland get your chops around this prince of pale ales.

CHARADAIL PALE ALE (5.5%) Our best seller and little brother to the IPA, this is beer-for-beer-for-beer-for-beer’s-sake. An American Pale Ale rich in contradictions – potent but clean, hoppy with a malty-meatiness, dark but pale – and full of the magically rainbowly florally Cascade and Perle hops*.

FIVE PENNIES PILSNER  (4.8%) Five Pennies is our Bohemian kickback. Brewed with Pilsen, Vienna and Munich malts (thus light-tasting) and sparsely-hopped (thus crisp as Walkers), this lager-coloured beer is for the lovers of slow-burners (who embrace hyphens and brackets).

I AM THE EIGGMAN (4%) Our take on that pub stalwart, the sit-down-and-imbibe-for-the-evening’s-length session ale. A strong malt Maris Otter base is melded to myriad New World hops. This is Laig Bay Brewery with an ounce of pop culture (and by far our best label). Goo-goo-g’joob.

RED MARTYR (8.5%) An abbey beer, Red Martyr doffs its head towards St. Donnan, the Christian monk who was martyred on Eigg. Dark, subtly hopped and packing a powerful kick, this is a beer with a long taste and, as our only bottle conditioned ale, is one for the pilgrims among us. Find a fire, bed-in for the night.

KILLDONNAN (5.5%) An authentically European Biere with a crisp, refreshing finish. Brewed with Pilsen malt, a snippet of honey and a hefty blend of Magnum, Saaz and Spalt hops this is a beer that can be roughly translated with ‘warm day, beer garden, full glass’. Alternative translations could simply read ‘curry’.

CLEADALE 80/- (4.5%) Laig Bay Brewing’s answer to a red-tinned local favourite, this traditional style Scottish ale offers a round, malty flavour with delicate hops. Brewed with a blether of Scottish Golden Promise and with a subtle chocolate flavour, the Cleadale 80/- is an amber-drinker’s acolyte.

*plus a cheeky secret hop


8 thoughts on “Our Beer

    1. Hi Catriona,

      a good question, thanks for getting in touch.

      As it stands, such has been the popularity of the beer (our winter battle-hoard was depleted rather faster than we had thought in our wildest thinkings), until we get the larger capacity ready the only place to get beer is on the island (Galmisdale Cafe). However, by late August we are aiming to have capacity to be able to brew to meet demand. So hold fire, we’re almost there.

      Unless you fancy ordering 25 litres, in which case we can bespoke the order.

      Hope this helps and thanks for your interest in Laig Bay Brewing Co.



      1. craig garvie

        Hi with August now past, is there any where on the mainland that may be gettign some soon, or is it possible to mail order a few bottles of each. Cheers Craig


  1. I only found out about this yesterday…. I need some in my life! Looking forwards to Tesco at the end of our road stocking it soon but in the meantime I guess I’ll have to dream. Top work Stu.


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