The Isle of Eigg is known for many things, not least its eclectically embracing welcoming, that gigantic piece of volcanic magical Sgurr basalt and an independent tenor of the type feared by lairds and Rolls Royce’s alike. It seems high time that it was also known for its shit-hot, seat-of-the-pants beer.

Laig Bay Brewing Co. came about by circumstance as much as passion. Gabe was busy making sweet, sweet music across the known and unknown worlds with the folk supergroup Daimh; Stu meanwhile, was just back from teaching in High Schools in Liverpool then Manchester then Kathmandu with all the troubadourian, skullduggerous flourish that is demanded by the English language. And they both landed on Eigg and circuitously came-around to discussing beer while having a beer.  And Laig Bay Brewery was born then and there on that night, under the craic of a beer (a blue can) and the constant dreich of the midges.

And the next morning what they remembered was a shared love of beer that leaves the taste buds remembering for days afterwards the true meaning of taste buds, and a desire to make such a beer. And determining that they should find this beer they made something that tasted a lot like pish, and determined to improve. And according to the Scottish Herald’s recent review – “These beers rarely make it off the island so if you see a bottle, get two” – we might have.


6 thoughts on “Us

    1. Thanks Kirsten, glad you liked it. Was the bottle you got brewed in Wild, Wintry Weather or was it one of the pre-Spring Spring leaps bottles? Mostly, they’re the Wild, Wintry Weather variety, but sometimes…


  1. ayrshiretiger

    Great news that you’ve got Aldi to sell it – will be having a look in our local one over the weekend! Also looking forward to trying some on draught at Galmisdale in April when we visit again.



  2. Walter Dunlop

    The Independence IPA in Aldi is excellent lovely full bodied flavoursome hoppy beer, really enjoyed it hope there is still some left when I go back.


  3. Neil

    Never heard of you until I saw “Independence” in Aldi in Inverurie. Glad I bought it – it was the last bottle. Very tasty. Reminds me of an Allagash 4 I had a whiles ago. I’ll look out for more.


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